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Sick As A Dog is a podcast series about an industry in crisis - a crisis that is killing the people who care for our animals. Whether you are a pet owner, wildlife lover, consumer of animal products or work in the industry, this is for you and about you. It is a whole of community issue, that without change could have dire consequences for us all. This is a deep dive into the mental health crisis in the vet profession. It shines a spotlight on the many challenges, but also explores the potential solutions that exist - solutions that you and I are very much a part of.

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SA Weekend Magazine, Herald Sun, Courier Mail & Sunday Telegraph

An in depth look at the vet crisis, client abuse and the solutions at play in a five page feature article across syndicated magazines.


Caroline, Garry & Kate on ABC Radio Adelaide

ABC Radio Adelaide afternoons

Caroline Winter and Garry & Kate Putland speak with Sonya Feldhoff about the loss of Dr Sophie Putland, 'Sick As A Dog' and the vet crisis.

Sick As A Dog ABC Radio AdelaideABC Radio Adelaide
00:00 / 22:36

Mamamia's The Quicky Podcast 

Sick As A Dog: Why Vets Face Such Poor Mental Health, hosted by Claire Murphy and featuring Caroline Winter and Dr Rachel on why vets are struggling and what can be done to help them. 

Sick As A Dog Why vets face such poor mental healthThe Quicky podcast
00:00 / 27:54
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SAAD Sunday Mail article

The Advertiser & Sunday Mail

A look at the vet crisis, client abuse and the release of Sick As A Dog with Caroline Winter, Dr David Mason and Garry and Kate Putland, by Rebecca Whitfield-Baker.


South Australian Country Hour ABC

Caroline Winter speaks with Cassie Hough about the vet crisis and the shortage of vets in regional and rural Australia.

Sick As A Dog on SA Country HourSA Country Hour
00:00 / 19:16
Caroline Winter
Vet Practice Magazine article

Vet Practice Magazine

Sick As A Dog podcast explores veterinary mental health.

In her eight-part podcast, journalist Caroline Winter examines what’s causing the mental health crisis facing veterinarians, and what can be done about it. By Lynne Testoni.


This Working Life ABC RN

Glossy work: When your dream job is not so dreamy.

You’ve finally landed your dream job. You’re filled with excitement and optimism but after only a couple of months something doesn’t feel right. And you realise that this job is not so dreamy after all, and even becoming a nightmare.



  • Dr Lisa Cohen - Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour, McGill University

  • Martin Preece - Director, Building Environs Recruitment

  • Caroline Winter - Journalist, Sick As A Dog

  • Emily Rogowski-Dunn - Vet

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This Working Life
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