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Sick As A Dog

They signed up to save lives,

now they're the ones who need saving.

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Sick As A Dog is an 8-part podcast series about an industry in crisis -

a crisis that is killing the people who care for our animals.


Whether you are a pet owner, wildlife lover, consumer of animal products or work in the industry, this is for you and about you.


It is a whole of community issue, that without change could have dire consequences for us all.


Over 8 episodes come with me as I explore the complex web of issues facing the veterinary industry and the impact that has on its people, the animals they care for, the community they serve and the serious ramifications those issues are having on mental health, lives and livelihoods, food security and animal welfare. 


In this series you will meet some wonderful people, hear stories of heartache and triumph from the city to the bush and explore the financial, political and community pressure that weighs heavily on vet staff. 

Sick As A Dog is a deep dive into the mental health crisis in the vet profession. It shines a spotlight on the many challenges, but also explore the potential solutions that exist - solutions that you and I are very much a part of.

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